July 2, 2017
Matthew 10:40-42
Romans 6:12-23

Make a prayer list

Third Sunday of Advent

Object: a Christmas catalog

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Good morning, boys and girls. It's getting closer to Christmas so I thought I'd make out my Christmas list. Why do we make Christmas lists? (let them answer) It lets people who want to give us gifts know what we want. How many of you have made a Christmas list already? (wait for a show of hands) Let's go around our group and each of you tell us one thing that's on your Christmas list. (go around the group and give them each a turn) There are a lot of things on your Christmas lists. How many things do you have on your lists? (let them answer) Some of you have ten things on your lists and some of you probably have 25 things on your list. When I look through a catalog, I see things I wouldn't even think of that would be nice to have for Christmas. While I'm looking at the Christmas catalog, my list gets longer...

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