July 2, 2017
Matthew 10:40-42
Romans 6:12-23

Fighting temptation

First Sunday in Lent

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Teachers and Parents: Teaching our children the difference
between right and wrong is only half the battle. Teaching them
how to resist temptation is the other half. Jesus gives us a
wonderful example of how to fight temptation with the word of
God. Let's pass this on to our children.

* Post a list of the Ten Commandments and then give the
children several examples of temptations they might be expected
to face. Ask them to identify the commandment which speaks to
each particular temptation.

* Use a concordance to look up passages that use the word
"tempt" or "temptation" and discuss these passages.

* Ask the children to tell you about temptations they have
faced and make a list of them on the board or easel. Then
identify Bible passages that would help to meet these

Sunday school assembly opening:

* Role-play the Gospel reading showing Satan tempting Jesus
and Jesus answering each temptation with...

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