July 2, 2017
Matthew 10:40-42
Romans 6:12-23
Genesis 22:1-14

No Free Ride

Proper 28 | Ordinary Time 33

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In Luke 12 the story is told of a rich man who had more than he knew what to do with. He built great barns, stored his riches, and sat back to enjoy them. Reread this parable and you find that on the surface it is a comparison of the materialist with the spiritual person. If you were not careful you could get the idea that all things material are of no consequence and what God really wants of us is our complete attention given to things of the spirit.

Two things need to be said:

1. First of all there is no condemnation of possessions or riches here or anywhere else in the New Testament. What is condemned is the attitude of trust in such things. Everywhere you turn in the New Testament there is a balanced concern. We are not to give all our lives to the acquisition of the things of this world. Neiher are we to be so...

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